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I love this time of year no matter how cliched and unoriginal it may be to feel excited about new beginnings and a fresh outlook. I have learned through the bumpy road that is the entrepreneurial experience that any time you can find excitement, motivation, encouragement, and unbridled enthusiasm in a thing, it is a blessing and a catalyst for what becomes your (or my) “next”!

With that in mind I publicly declare my resolutions for this coming year…

I RESOLVE to enjoy and become drunk in the Present with each moment I get with my son Beckett watching him discover ‘life’ on a daily basis.

I RESOLVE to re-invent myself in new and meaningful ways in my relationship to Brianne as her husband.

I RESOLVE to “lean out” old-school style and get back to a ripped and fit 205lbs.

I RESOLVE to generate 5x my take home income from 2011 and to officially move from the 5% to the 1% by Money Magazine’s recent data (Lord knows a few more good men are needed up in that bracket).

I RESOLVE to live on 25% of that income and to invest and save the rest for those rainy days.

I RESOLVE to become the best version of Chris J Snook (v36.1) that I can be and to find the Gratitude in each and every experience while cherishing the lessons, and exploiting the opportunity buried in each adversity.

God Bless 2012..Watch out here I come!!!

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